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Healing Circle “The Alchemy of the Wound” ~8/1-8/29/2011

“Show me your wound.” ~Joseph Beuys

The Alchemy of the Wound is a 5-week series that is dedicated to the alchemical transformation of our core wound that throws us out of oneness & connection. What is the source of our sense of separation from the world?
Our core issue(s) are often connected to deeply buried & suppressed experiences that nonetheless determine our basic stance vis-a-vis the world.

We all have closed doors & created walls around our vulnerable interior. We’ll venture there to recover the part of us that has been violated & dishonored. Just being present to our pain facilitates the healing alchemy. Like Parsival, whose innocent question what ails the sick king heals him.

You choose a core wound in your life and we process & release it roughly following the different phases of the grieving process (as laid out by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and others). Your wound might be around something like abandonment, betrayal, exclusion/rejection, abuse etc. In case you don’t know which one, let the divine choose it for you.

This first session facilitates moving you through the first phase: the initial state of shock that many of us nonetheless are still frozen in after many years.

You can join any time, single sessions are also welcome, -and for best results do the whole series. 😉
Join any time, also single sessions, -and for best results do the whole series.

5 x Monday 9- 10.30pm (ECT), 8-9.30pm (UK), 3-4.30pm (EST), 12-1.30pm (PST):
8/1 Trauma/Loss/Abandonment
8/8 Denial/Blame/Fear
8/15 Despair/Depression/Hopelessness
8/22 Grief/Sorrow
8/29 Letting Go/Acceptance/Re-orientation

This is a distant healing session.
Upon registration you will receive a confirmation email with details & another email with feedback after the session.
Limited capacity, register early to secure your place.

Financial Contribution: €20/$25 per session.
Register for all 5 sessions by 7/31 for €90/$110
Advance contribution required for remote participation.

US clients, pay here:

Europeans please use paypal button on bottom here


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