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Karmic Mind Fixations

This is something that we in VortexHealing have only recently become aware of, and the effects of this sort of healing are truly amazing. A Karmic Mind Fixation is a core life issue that holds a tremendous amount of contraction and suffering, and carries over from one life to the next. Although you might have several Mind Fixations that have arisen in this life, most people will only have *one* Karmic Mind Fixation (or two at the most).

About half of the power of these Fixations sits in the “webbing” that spiders out of the Fixation into the rest of your consciousness. This webbing takes only a few moments to release, and when it does, you become aware of the fact that you’ve been crammed into a tiny box your whole life, and suddenly you can stand up and stretch out. The core of the Fixation, however, takes another three hours to release, and when it does, it fundamentally shifts your inner landscape for the better – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I cannot recommend it enough.

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