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The Hero’s Journey 11/18-12/29/10

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”
~Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Hero’s Journey will focus on where we have fallen out of the world and feel victimized, whether we are incurably sick, mourn the loss of a relationship, cannot find work or our true calling, are unhappy with where we’re at in our lives, or just have a feeling that there must be another more joy- and colorful, fulfilled world beyond our comfort zone.
It’s about saying yes to the call of adventure, to find the resources to confront our greatest fears, to overcome supreme challenge, to become a master over our destiny, and to bring that boon back to the world as our unique contribution. The healing circle of the Hero’s Journey is a journey to our Self, in which we turn from victim to victor and discover the gift in our challenges in order to find our dharma.

7 x 8pm -9.30pm*:

Thu 11/18   The Call of Adventure
11/25   Fear & Shadow
12/3     Protection & Allies
12/10   In the Belly of the Whale
12/15  Death & Resurrection
12/22  The Elixir of Life
12/29  The Return & Dharma


Wed 1/5/2011 Puja for the New Year: It’s Now or Never!

Participation in person or remotely. Drop-in or as a series.
Limited capacity, register early to secure your place.

Financial Contribution €20 per session (reduced €15) 
Package: all 7 session €140 ~incl. Bonus Puja for the New Year “It’s Now or Never!” (Concessions  upon request)

Advance contribution required for remote participation.

In US-$ make your contribution here:

In Euros make your contribution here:

c/o Healing Care, Maaßenstr. 12, 10777 Berlin Schöneberg.
Information & Registration: Jessica(at)unfoldingjourney.com
Tel-DE: +49-176-6286 1230
Tel-US: +1-510-250 2507

*This is Berlin time 8 pm, which is GMT +2, so check for your local time here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.htmlThe Hero\’s Journey through the Matrix

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