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Distant Healing & Herbs from John of God

Dear Friends,

I am currently with John of God at the Casa de Dom Inácio in Brazil (March 6-28, 2011) . Some of you might know that I got healed by John of God in 2000 of cancer and experienced a profound spiritual opening.

The spiritual frequency here is currently higher & the energy is stronger than I have ever experienced it. And I am inspired to soon lead another group here.
joao_recipeIn the meantime, I am offering you the next best thing to coming here yourself: Get a distant healing and a prescription of herbs from John of God! This is quite a powerful treatment and tailored to the individual needs of each person. I have known of people who overcame Chronic Fatigue, or were able to get out of bed after lingering on death’s threshold for 5 years after taking the herbs. I myself had my hair sprout on my glorious bald egg-shaped head in the middle of chemotherapy -just to give a few examples!!! 😉

How does this work?
I will take your picture with your request to John of God. He will write a prescription specifically for you. I will purchase your herbs, bring them home with me and will mail/deliver them to you, as soon as I get home on June 8th. The herbs themselves consist just of Passiflora, a mild herbal sedative, but energetically they are imprinted just for you. The herbs will last you for 84 days and during this time you should abstain from ingesting alcohol, hot peppers, or pork.
On rare occasions, John of God will request to see a person at the Casa or indicate them for psychic surgery. In those cases, I can represent the person as a proxy, undergoing the surgery for them, while they experience the effects at home.

What do I need from you in order to make this happen?
1. Send me a recent photo of yourself or the person in question asap via email as a jpeg. (Preferrably frontal view and without other people in it.)
2. In the email please include your full name, address, & birthdate.
3. Also include 3 areas in your life you would like to get support with or that need healing. This can be physical, emotional, situational.
4. Pay $75 via paypal to Jessica@unfoldingjourney.com, so that I can get the herbs for you. (€55 for Europe.)

Sound good?
Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have questions or would like further details!
Love & light,


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