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Gene or Not Gene: Family Bonds ~Thursdays 12/5 -12/26/13

“If you think you are so enlightened, go and spend a week with your parents.”
~Ram Dass

This series deals with the relationship to each of our parents, on which every other relationship is modeled, and with the history of our ancestors that is passed on to us through the epigenetic layer of the genetic code.**
This release will help you to free yourself from entrenched family dynamics & family patterns that you can’t seem to break free from. You will feel like yourself -maybe for the first time.

The epigenetic layer is sheath of protein around the actual DNA and which reacts to our environment and emotions. It modifies our gene expression. Many of the diseases & conditions that we assume to be genetic defects, are really coming from our epigenetic layer. And we would  be surprised what on the other hand is written onto & passed on through the epigenetics.
Fortunately, we are able to release these conditionings and brings the epigenetics to its best expression with Vortexhealing.
Often we carry the trauma & survival struggle of many generations with us. (The Navajos say, that our actions effect seven generations before & after us.)
Consider, that the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors express the trauma of their grandparents. They often feel persecuted, victimized & excluded. When I released that in a client, he reported that his whole life experience shifted radically afterwards, not least because he was feeling like himself for the first time. And when I released the epigenetics on my father’s side, I f.ex. encountered the  very strong imprint of his childhood asthma & fear of suffocation.
We brought the blueprint for the relationship to our parents into this life at birth. (And it does not matter, if you’re adopted, or get along well with your parents or not.) This blueprint strongly structures which dynamics we experience in other important relationships (z.B. the demanding but unappreciative Boss is overlaid by the hostile & absent mother). When we release those, we are not only able to encounter our parents as people, but also won’t get our buttons pushed so easily in similar situations.
The beauty of Vortexhealing® is, that it will release all that without us having to consciously deal with it. 🙂

4x Thursday 7-8 pm PST / 10 pm EST (or alternatively 10 am PST / 1 pm EST / 6 pm GMT)*

Thu, 12/5 Ancestors Mother
Thu, 12/12 Ancestors Father
Thu, 12/19 Relationship to Mother
Thu, 12/26 Relationship to Father

Participation in person or remotely, single session or entire series.

Registration via email to unfoldingjourney@gmail.com
(You will receive a confirmation email with details & a feedback after the session.)

*Check for your local time here!

Financial Contribution $25/€20 per session
$85/€70 discounted price for entire series

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