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Ecstatic Dance Berlin ~Jan. 2, 2011

This is a Journey into Sound,

and a Journey into Movement.

It is a Sacred Journey,

and How it Feels is completely up to you.

Express yourself to sumptious beats and join us for this blissful community gathering!

Dj-ed electronic music by DJs Prateado & Papa Legba from Chill, Downtempo, to Dub, Glitch, House, Trance, World Fusion ect. for fulll spectrum dance!
for all -AcroYogis, Burners, Contacters, Dance Acrobats, Hoopers, Yogis, 5Rhythmns, Dance & Movement enthusiasts.

Ecstatic Dance in Berlin -with AcroYoga
Sunday, January 2 · 12pm – 4pm
c/o Tanzwelt M33
Mehringdamm 33, 1. Aufgang 3. Stock
D-10961 Berlin

Cost: 7,- • including AcroYoga

Get in for 6,- • if you attend the event on facebook or bring the original Flyer.

If you want to just DANCE then this is the place for you. The Ecstatic Dance space encourages you to dance your emotions: joy, fear, anger, excitement etc. So come and jump, float, roll, promenade, sweat, stretch …

This is about freeing your mind and body, connecting with yourself and with your community in a safe place of RESPECT within a big group.

12 h AcroYoga to get into our bodies, warm up, stretch, let go and fly!

13 h Ecstatic Dance

Between first & second set, Shae Weiss & Johanna Blackstone will lead us in a NewYear’s ceremony. At the end we will close with a sound healing with hang & cello, and come together in a circle for cooldown, sharing and connection.

* There will be vegan RAW snacks by Boris from balive.org & a non-alcoholic bar.
* Altar powered by Diana www.artandperformance.com

Guidelines of Ecstatic Dance:
1. No talking on the dance floor (plenty of room to talk off-floor)
2. Drug-Free, smoke-free, scent-free, alcohol-free environment
3. No photos or videos, cellphones quiet and out of sight
4. Respect the space and each other
5. Dance however you wish
6. You can dance alone, or with as many partners as you like. If you’d rather not dance with someone, thank them by placing your hands in prayer at your heart.

What to bring:
– Comfortable clothes that let you move your body and free yourself. Come dressed in white or light colors for New Years Ritual! 🙂
– A bottle of water or other non-alcoholic beverage to keep yourself hydrated
– A yoga mat & towel (most of our gatherings end up with a roomful of happy, joyful, sweaty people)
– A chill attitude of respect and connection with yourself and others.

This is a family-friendly event! Kids are welcome! (Maybe you want to protect the sensitive ears of little ones.)

We are building a healthy, vibrant community of people like you. PLEASE check ecstaticdance.org/berlin & JOIN THE Ecstatic Dance Berlin Page and you will be kept updated with all of the latest ECSTATIC DANCE HAPPENINGS, including weekly DJ lineup and other important events. See you on the dance floor!
See you on the dance floor!

organized by Ecstatic Dance Berlin
Contact: Jessica Theissen 0176-6286 1230 & Pascal Dreckmann 030 21963851

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