Dr. Bhavya Theissen

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Visas ~ Insurance

Before you even leave for your trip to the Casa, Bhavya provides guidance for those needing to apply for Brazilian tourist visas, suggestions for travel agents for North American & German visitors, and in-depth preparations information.

Each participant is sent a mandatory CONSENT FORM which must be completed and returned to Bhavya well before the trip.  In addition, each participant MUST have TRAVEL INSURANCE (Bhavya will suggest a good one to North Americans) and must mail a copy of the first page of the insurance policy to Bhavya, again, well before the trip, as proof of purchase.  These are Casa requirements that all Casa-authorized guides must meet.


All North American and Australian citizens need to apply for Brazilian tourist visas in order to be able to enter Brazil.  In order to apply, you need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after your stay in Brazil, as well as your airline reservation and other items.  Bhavya will advise all group participants on how to go about this process once you have registered for a trip, have a valid passport and have made your airline reservations.

Although you can apply for a visa at any time after meeting the above passport and reservations requirements, please do not leave this till the last minute!  Some Brazilian consulates take weeks or longer to process visas, while others are faster.  And each consulate has some of their own requirements as to how to apply (via mail, in person, expediting service, etc.).

 Specific details about requirements, forms and fees here