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“Bhavya works with you at a very deep level. In our sessions, healing energy flows into unknown regions of the soul. This light brings healing and nourishment to the spiritual roots of physical suffering and life difficulties. Trapped confusion gives way to fresh clarity and unexpected doors open. Bhavya brings great insight, compassion and empathy to her work.” Fina Carpena (Anthropologist), Dublin, Ireland See more >>

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March 23 – April 4, 2015

July 13 – July 27.2015

Bhavya’s 13-day Journey Itinerary

“Healing in Abadiânia” with João de Deus (John of God)

Day One: Arrival, transport provided from Brasilia airport to our accommodations at the popular Hotel Luz Divina in Abadiania,  close to the Casa! No formal activities scheduled beyond settling in, eating, sleeping, and meeting Bhavya and fellow group participants.

Day Two: Those who wish can sleep in, those wanting to take a walk and/or have a look around the local shops, cafes, etc. are welcome to do so. Just after lunch Bhavya will take the group to the Casa for an orientation session. Following that, those who have pre-booked with Bhavya a wonderful energy-balancing “crystal bath” session at the Casa will then have that experience. Dinner and a good night’s sleep before your first formal session at the Casa with John of God.

Days Three, Four and Five: Morning and afternoon sessions at the Casa, including your first “consult” with John of God/Entity Wednesday morning, followed by possible spiritual “surgery” sessions and recovery time, and sessions in the “current” – the healing/meditation room of the Casa.

Days Six, Seven, Eight and Nine: On one of these days, Bhavya will take the group to the sacred waterfall for a spiritual cleansing. Sunday morning from 9-10am is an optional, interfaith prayer service in English at the Casa for foreign visitors. On Tuesday morning beginning at 7am, participants are welcome to volunteer cutting the vegetables for that week’s Casa soup. For those people wishing some one-on-one time with Bhavya over the 4-day weekend, that will also be arranged.

Days Ten, Eleven and Twelve: As in the first week, morning and afternoon sessions at the Casa. On Friday evening group meeting to help prepare you for your trip home.

Day Thirteen: Departure from our hotel, transport to the Brasilia airport provided.

Every evening at the Casa from 7 pm to about 8 pm, the rosary is said in Portuguese in the main hall at the Casa. Attendance is optional. Many people, even those not speaking Portuguese nor Catholic, enjoy listening to the soothing rhythms and feeling the energy of prayer of the rosary.

It is recommended that you treat these two weeks as an opportunity for deep, inner work and retreat. On any given day that you wish to remain in silence, just put a little sign on your door and on your person to let others know. Other than going to the sacred waterfall over the 4-day weekend, we do not go on any excursions, but rather, remain within the powerful energy field generated at the Casa and extending to the nearby hotels and pousadas that host Casa visitors.

The tour includes:

• 6 days (possibly 2 sessions a day) at the Casa de Dom Inácio (both Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during your stay)
• 8 evening group meetings; personal consultation upon request.
• 1 Crystal Bed Session
• Visit to the Sacred Waterfall
• 12 nights in single room in safe, clean and friendly pousada within
walking distance of the Casa; 3 meals per day (buffet style).
• Orientation to the Casa and Abadiânia.
• Assistance with translation of questions to John of God in English and
• Local support, f.ex. money exchange, resolving difficulties etc.
• Ground transportation from Brasilia airport to Abadiania and back.
• optional: Tour of Temple of Goodwill and Dom Bosco Cathedral in Brasilia.

The following is not included:

• Blessed water – recommended to drink exclusively during your stay
• Passiflora, the healing herbs prescribed by John of God in Entity
• Crystal Bath sessions
• Laundry service
• Airline tickets

The above itinerary is slightly flexible. It is strongly recommended that you participate in the entire journey, as you will get the most benefit by doing so, but for those who truly can only stay for one week of sessions because of work or other pressures, I advise to come at the beginning of the trip rather than arriving for the second week only. Just be aware that two weeks for most people is really the minimum time needed to begin to experience the benefits of the healing work of the Casa.

The trip formally begins with your Monday arrival in Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil. If you wish to sightsee in other parts of Brazil, it is recommended that you do so before coming to Abadiania, the town where the Casa is and where we will stay. If, because of your flight schedule and/or personal preference you decide to arrive a day or two early in Brasilia and/or leave a day or two after the Saturday departure date, you will need to book a hotel in Brasilia for those days, as your rooms in Abadiania are available only from the Monday arrival date to the Saturday departure date.

Information on Brazilian Tourist Visas (mandatory for Australian & US visitors)

Please contact me to find out more and with any questions and concerns.