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About John of God

joao1Unconscious medium, João Teixeira de Faria (John of God) in Abadiania, Brazil, incorporates over 30 Spirit doctors and healers (Entities) who work with patients coming from all over the world suffering from cancers, AIDS, blindness, asthma, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, tumors, physical problems of any kind, debilitating psychological problems and/or spiritual desperation. Before coming to John of God, most people have tried everything else without satisfactory results. The Entities work through John of God’s body (instrument, aparatus) and have literally changed the reality of many thousands of hopeless cases. Thousands of people make this spiritual retreat to Abadiania, Brazil, every month and surrender to the Spiritual energies so powerfully present at the Casa de Dom Inácio (the medium John of God’s spiritual center).

John of God (João de Deus), is one of the world’s most famous healers today and cares for hundreds and sometimes over one thousand people a day, in Abadiânia, Goáis, Brazil. Every year, he makes occasional journeys to other parts of Brazil, the USA and Europe. The medium John of God has dedicated his life to healing the sick and incurable regardless of race or societal status. The Entities (through the medium John of God) see, examine and offer aid to everyone who lines-up everyday. No one is ever turned away.

John of God is a uniquely powerful medium who works within a Kardec Spiritism framework incorporating several Entities (healers) who are disincarnate but who remain on the Earthly plane and dedicate their out-of-body existence to healing. The medium John of God’s miraculous dedication to the creation of a supportive environment (the Casa de Dom Inácio) is an invaluable resource for those on the planet today seeking healing of body, mind, spirit, personal growth and spiritual guidance. Over the past four decades the Entities who use the medium John of God’s body (instrument) have treated millions of people!

The medium John of God never takes credit for the miracles and emphasizes that it is God who heals. The breathtaking miracle-like healings at John of God’s weekly healing services (three times a week) has forced so many to stretch their beliefs systems and caused so many others to affirm and deepen their faith.

Those who journey to John of God’s Casa de Dom Inácio in Abadiania, Brazil, all receive empowering information about their own personal healing. A healing retreat to Abadiânia provides an in-depth look into a world that most of us never even dreamed about. In this Brazilian roadside community miracles of physical, mental and soul healing occur daily and the power of love is so obviously the ever-present guiding force.

Any spiritual journey including a retreat to the healing energy sessions of the medium John of God is filled with inspiration, hope and the lessons of surrender. A visit to the Casa de Dom Inácio offers a first-hand look into the mysteries and power of love.

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