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Distant Treatment




Whenever you have a choice, for best results choose to travel to Abadiania to see John of God in person and partake in the special healing energies of the Casa de Dom Inacio. If this is not possible for you, the next best action is to send a digital photo via email.

The photo will be shown to John of God for review. He will scan the photos and write out a prescription for herbs specifically for the challenges and symptoms that you are experiencing. Each person receives the same kind of herbs that are labeled “Passiflora” which is ground up passion flower leaves, a mild herbal sedative. However, each bottle is energized by John of God specifically to meet the needs of the individual in the photo. There is a dietary restriction notice that will accompany your herbs. While on the herbs, you may not ingest alcohol, pepper or fertilized eggs.

Also, John of God sometimes marks an X on the photo. When thisoccurs it means that the challenges that you are working on require your presence at the Casa de Dom Inacio and can only be fully resolved in person. On rare occasions, John of God will request to see a person at the Casa or indicate them for psychic surgery. In those cases, I am sometimes allowed to represent the person as a proxy, undergoing the surgery for them, while they experience the effects at home.


Photo Instructions

Please take a digital photo of each person who desires a review by John of God. Make sure that the person’s face is clearly visible and that the photo is as current as possible. With the photo, please include your name, date of birth, current city and country of residence, and any short message you wish to send to John of God. Please send the photo by email to unfoldingjourney@gmail.com


Prayer Triangle

If you do not wish to receive herbs, you can ask for your photo to beplaced in the prayer triangle for blessings and healing.

This option is free of charge.


Fee For Taking Photos/Surrogate Surgery

Please send via Paypal e55 (to unfoldingjourney@gmail.com for euro) or $70US  (to jessica@unfoldingjourney.com for $) for photos sent by email. As soon as I receive your payment, I will present your photo to John of God. Unfortunately, I have had to resort to asking for payment in advance as many people in the past had not been willing to pay for their herbs even when the entities had prescribed them herbs. Because of the waste of energy involved, the entities have asked guides to ask people to commit to taking the herbs before taking their picture before the entity. Payment in advance is the only way I have found to secure that commitment.


The fee of e55 or $70 covers the cost of the herbs, packaging materials, postage and my service. Your herbs will be mailed to you with regular airmail out of Brazil or will be brought with someone traveling to your region (the US, Europe or wherever you reside) who will send it on further to you. In both scenarios, the process usually takes 2 to 3 weeks. If you need herbs to be sent to you quicker, I can send it with courier mail. This express option will deliver your herbs in one week at a cost of e75 or $100. Finally, in the case of a request for surrogate surgery there is no fee, but a donation is lovingly accepted.



1. Send me a recent photo of yourself or the person in question asap via email as a jpeg. (Preferrably frontal view and without other people in it.)
2. In the email please include your full name, address, & birthdate.
3. Include 3 areas in your life you would like to get support with or that need healing. This can be physical, emotional, situational.
4. Pay the appropriate fee via paypal.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have questions or would like further details!