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Healing Circle Series “Ur-Trust”


For many of us, our trust in the world is broken. It may manifest in chronic stress and tension patterns and adrenal fatigue that eventually lead to more serious health imbalances and auto-immune diseases.

It may manifest in difficult relationships with our mother figures or Mother Nature writ large, with our ability to receive love and nourishment, feeling supported and/or to move forward in life with confidence.

This healing series is specifically designed to heal our deepest trust issue and release how that has conditioned our “Super System” (emotional, nervous, immune, digestive and hormonal system). We will heal & reunite with early dissociated childhood parts and heal our connection to earth and mother, and in the process clear the trauma to the Divine Feminine through our ancestral line. We will finally be able to relax our backs (& hyper- vigilance), feeling nourished and resourced, trusting in the world and ourselves.

This is Series are 90 min. Remote Healing Sessions

5 Saturdays 10-11.30 am PDT/ 16-17.30h GMT/ 17-18.30h CET:

March 14th

March 21st

March 28th

April 4th

April 11th

Whole Series $130, early bird until 3/11 $120! Single Healing Circle $30

Healing Circle Series “Ur-Trust”

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