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Dancing with the Shadow in Relationship 3/25/2014

“Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.” ~C.G. Jung

shadow dance

As the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse moves us swiftly ahead on our path, it also pushes to the surface that which keeps us from stepping powerfully into our fully expressed essence.

And where we are most confronted with those unconscious and denied parts of ourselves is in our relationships. And the closer and more intimate the relationship is, the more we use/help each other to see our shadow self.

Our relationships show us very clearly, where our growth lies. Can we take our projections back? Can we step out and let go of old habituated emotional patterns and behaviors? Can we let go of victim and blame and be response-able? How can I be true to myself and another? Our approach, reactions, and choices are what determines our character, capacity, and future.

This healing circle will release our shadow as it show up in a relationship pattern, interpersonal challenge that is most up for us, and align and repattern us towards the enlightened expression of its underlying need.

This is a small in person gathering in a beautiful private sanctuary in North Oakland. Limited to 12 people. Please RSVP asap to reserve your place and receive details.

We will start with a circle to introduce the topic, followed by a 60 min. healing meditation (very relaxing, just receiving, sitting or lying down) and a sharing circle with tea & cookies!

It is also the possible to participate in the healing circle remotely. Details and meditation instructions will be send to all registered via email.

3/25/2014 19.45 -21.15 pm PST (remote 8-9pm PST)

Alternatively for Europeans: 7-8 pm GMT / 8 – 9 pm Germany/Netherlands

Contribution: $25

To RSVP please send email to You will receive a registration email before and a feedback email after the session.

Payment link here:

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