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Bhavya was born in Berlin, Germany. She studied Cultural Psychology and Medical Anthropology at UC Berkeley and wrote her Doctoral Dissertation on Psychiatry, Spirit Possession and Religious Healing in Brazil. She is currently commuting between the San Francisco Bay Area, California, and Berlin, Germany, treating clients all over the world.

Over the years, Bhavya has studied several healing modalities, including Esalen massage®, NLP, Reiki, SOURCE Awareness, Matrix Energetics® and VortexHealing® Divine Energy Therapy. The entities of the casa de Dom Inácio frequently work through her, which allows Jessica to to maximize all of these healing modalities to the fullest advantage for her clients.

Bhavya’s Healing Story

Jessica & Fulnio girl Feyane in Brazil Bhavya has suffered from severe allergies and auto-immune disorders since childhood, but the turning point from a downward spiral towards her healing journey came, when she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the fall of 1999, just as she began the graduate PhD program in medical anthropology at UC Berkeley. Six months later, at the end of a classical course of chemotherapy (of which she hated every minute) she was still left with a sizeable tumor mass in her abdomen and her chances for full recovery and long-term survival were greatly decreasing.

While Bhavya was undergoing treatment her maternal grandmother and her father passed away within six weeks of each other in the early months of 2000. Her father had just weeks before been diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer and held out barely another hour until Jessica arrived from the U.S. to Germany, so that she could embrace him one last time. Jessica was devastated; she had lost the two people that she most loved and that loved and supported her most in return.

Bhavya knew that if she wanted to survive, she had to put her “head back in the right place,” i.e. get her will to live back. She had heard of John of God through a friend and read Roberto Pellegrino’s book “The Miracle Healer” and against all the objections by her family and doctors could not be dissuaded from boarding a plane to Brazil to find him.

At the casa de Dom Inácio Bhavya received an invisible surgery (the only one she was ever to receive during all her visits to the casa) and spent most of her remaining time praying and meditating in the current rooms (the place she insists where most of the healing happens for her). She had nothing more to hold onto and thus surrendered completely to the process. It was, as if she opened up to divine light and allowed herself to be touched by divine love for the first time. She cried a lot, experiencing major emotional releases and healing.

When Bhavya returned from Brazil two weeks later, she was still very sad, but not inconsolable anymore. More evidently, the terrible skin rash (a side-effect of chemo) had almost disappeared and the CT scans showed that the tumor had shrunken by one third. Another scan two months later revealed no sign of cancer and Bhavya was pronounced in full remission in June 2000!

Bhavya attributes her healing to the transformative and heart-opening experience she has had with John of God at the Casa de Dom Inácio in Brazil. She is feeling healthier than she has in decades (she ran a marathon in 2004!). Bhavya continued her PhD at UC Berkeley, and has been back to Brazil and the casa numerous times; she spent all of 2003 in Brazil dividing her time between her dissertation research on complimentary spiritual treatments of mental illness within psychiatry, and journeying to the Casa de Dom Inácio to be with John of God. She also assisted John of God as one of his principle mediums during his trips to Germany.

Bhavya believes that the current cancer epidemic is not just a sign of individual cells spinning out of control, but that it is indicative of a larger planetary environmental crisis. Nobody is protected or exempt. We are all connected and part of this larger system, our planet earth. And we are called forth to bring a greater awareness of our interconnectedness and respect for all life.

Asked if having a life-threatening illness has changed her outlook on life, Bhavya used to say that she is “as silly, stupid and stubborn as ever,” and that impending death doesn’t necessarily give you a privileged perspective. However, now –a few years down the line- she will tell you: “Yes, it has changed me, but it was a gradual opening to the power that drives and is the substance of the whole universe: LOVE. And it is a verb. Namaste.”