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João de Deus Heilmeditation

Samstag, 11. März, 2017


“I have never healed anyone. It is God who heals.” ~John of God

Welcome to the monthly remote Healing Meditation in the tradition of “Current” of miracle healer John of God! These healing meditations are very powerful and held on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

John of God (João de Deus) is arguably the most powerful healing medium alive today. He’s been visited by and healed many celebrities, such as Oprah, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ram Dass, Rev. Michael Beckwith, the Brazilian Ex-president Lula to name a few.

People come to him not only for physical and emotional healing, but also for deep spiritual awakening and mediumship training. The spirits working through him have healed hundreds of thousands of people from serious diseases, including cancer, MS, chemical sensitivities, trauma, as well as connecting people with their soulmates and facilitating financial and business success.

Dr. Bhavya was entrusted by the spirits of John of God to hold his healing meditations at a distance, and his spirits expressed their delight and desire to have as many people as possible participate (and we had over 100+ participants already)!

Samstag, 11. März, 2017

18h CET -Holland/Germany | 17h GMT/London, 9-10 am PST San Francisco | 12 pm EST -New York | 

Verify your local time here No call in number, just tune in and receive! :-)

Please register and submit your healing requests below.

Upon registration, you will receive an email with precise meditation instructions. You can request healing for yourself or for a loved one. Feel free to invite family, friends and others affected to join this healing mediation! (More people potentiate the energetic and transformational group field!)

The energy exchange for this Healing Meditation is $10 to cover cost, and additional donations are greatly appreciated and will contribute to a Travel scholarship fund to help people in need to make the journey to the casa. You can donate during the RSVP process (or safely via paypal here). Thank you! Your generosity is greatly appreciated! :-)

Below is a little Video with Instructions to help you, should you have trouble with the signup process…