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What makes VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing so powerful?

Your emotional patterns are very old and are held very deeply. They began to form from the moment you began to experience yourself as “I”, as a separate being, separate from the rest of life, which happened eons ago All your present emotional issues, such as feeling unloved or alone, as well as your fixed emotional reactions to particular situations, whether your react with fear, or anger, or a sense of hopelessness, evolved out of this original sense of being separate. The separateness gave rise to a primal sense of lack and fear, and later to all your other issues and reaction patterns, which are either various expressions of lack and fear, or compensations for them. You have carried the patterns and accumulated memory of these issues with you from life to life, in what is called your “karmic body”. Over time you both reinforced your original patterns as well as evolved more complex ones.
To really change these patterns, you need something that can release the experience of separateness, which is the very root of these patterns and the food that feeds them. But the only thing that can release the consciousness of separateness is that which is not separate, which is the Divine, the Source Itself, also called the Self. That is why VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing works solely with divine light and consciousness, bridging Source into the very roots of your issues. It releases the consciousness of separateness, awakening consciousness to its true nature-the Self-which has no sense separateness; and without an identification with a separate “I”, there is no lack, no fear, no issues.

VortexHealing is taught through a process called “direct consciousness transmission.” This means that VortexHealing is not taught to the mind as a “system of thought”; it is imprinted directly by divine consciousness into human consciousness. The transmission strongly develops the practitioner’s energy system to bring in a much greater volume and concentration of divine light. The power of VortexHealing lies in the depth with which it bridges into the body, the emotional and karmic consciousness, creating a kind of transformation that can only be called magical.

What distinguishes Vortexhealing from many other energy healings?

Most healing arts that work with the divine use divine energy (also called divine light) but do not access divine consciousness. Divine energy works as energy; divine consciousness works as consciousness. Although divine energy is pure healing energy, it is divine consciousness that transforms the roots of the consciousness of separateness. When divine consciousness is truly accessed, it also acts as an independent intelligence; it knows exactly where the roots of your issues are held and goes directly there to transform them. VortexHealing works with both divine energy and divine consciousness, accessing both in a variety of ways.
We can see the potential healing power of divine consciousness when the VortexHealing healing realm is used on a musical instrument. Because divine consciousness is also able to work directly through matter, the sound of the instrument changes remarkably-in just 1 minute it is richer, more harmonious and expresses more heart! (This is mentioned in all the articles about VortexHealing.) This cannot be accomplished with divine energy alone.
But energy has a key role to play in healing as well. Some healing arts use “chi” or “pranic energy” or “life energy”. This is not divine energy but the energy of manifested life. This would also be true of some energies that are referred to as “universal energy.” Although these energies can be used for healing, they cannot work as deeply as divine energy. There are other healing arts that do use divine light or energy, and usually they have one particular light that is used. But different kinds of divine light can create different effects. As stated earlier, VortexHealing uses 49 forms of divine Vortex light; each one is designed by the divine to accomplish a different function, and each one goes exactly where it needs to go to optimally help the person who is receiving healing.

What is Karma and how is it different from childhood conditioning?

You refer to conditioning that traps us in stuck emotional and behavioral issues. How much of that is our childhood conditioning?
Our childhood experiences are one kind of conditioning, but it is just one piece of the total picture. Because we have had innumerable lives, all of our experiences from ALL of our lives condition us. In the East, they say that this is our “karma”; karma is nothing but conditioning, which can be held at many levels of our being. Although we are used to identifying our body as just a “physical” body, we also have an etheric body, an emotional body, a mental body, a spiritual body and a karmic body. These bodies are your vehicles for various kinds of experience-physical experience, emotional experience, mental experience, and so on. All of them are imprinted with both our past life and present life conditioning. Our etheric body holds conditioning that relates to our basic relationship with the world; our emotional body holds our unprocessed emotions; our mental body holds our attitudes and judgments; our spiritual body holds conditioning that relates to loss of faith; and our karmic body holds all our past life memories and issues, and the root of our basic experience of separateness. In addition, our physical body holds genetic conditioning, which is full of the conditioning of our physical ancestors as well as other kinds of conditioning. And there is more.
Often it seems like our childhood experiences and traumas are more significant than they really are only because the family situation we are born into will always exactly match the issues we are already deeply involved in. For example, if a person who has a long karmic history of loss and separation is born to a mother who is cold and unaffectionate, they will be much more deeply affected than someone without that kind of history. The person with the karmic history of loss is already deeply wrapped up in the feeling of loss, so even small experiences of loss in the present may seem overwhelming to them. And if they are unaware of their karmic past, they will believe that this huge feeling of loss is being caused solely by present circumstances. They will typically grow up blaming their parents for all these feelings, and will probably learn to also blame their spouses and other aspects of their daily existence. It is not that the feelings they have aren’t real; it is that the source of them is much older and deeper than what they imagine. They have been conditioned by thousands of lives of history.