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Gratis Heilkreis zum grossen Kardinalen Kreuz am 27.4.


Crystal Grid to ground Cardinal Grand Cross

April is poised to be one of the most profoundly revolutionary months many of us will experience in years!*  From the core of our inner selves, to our core relationships, to global events, and to the body of Gaia herself.  This is the transformational moment many of us have been waiting for, evoking the words of the Hopi, “This is the Hour.”  So, expect the unexpected, expect to let go of the old, and expect (and say yes) to breaking through to the next level of your being!

Life is exceedingly tough for many people right now, if not physically then emotionally or spiritually, or all three! This moment will be bringing many of us to great crises points, squeezing us from all sides, and pushing us through the cosmic birth canal of consciousness to the next level of our being, personally and collectively. These are the times we were born for.

This is an opportunity for new beginnings with a massive purging taking place, shifting blocks, obstacles, suppressions, repressions and ‘issues’ which bind us, to allow a free flow of life energy at an exponential rate. Every life has more than one version available. This week is full of power – raw, creative, cosmic power. It’s upgrade time. We have a window of opportunity to effect significant change in ourselves. The choice is ours, even when it doesn’t feel that way!

Our relationship with others and our relationship with self may be going through some critical reevaluations. Do not rage in the mirror of the other, but use this reflection to reach deeper within and root out the inner demons to return yourself to a place of inner balance.  When you’re feeling angry or spun-out, turn the arrow of mars upwards, redirecting the will to the higher-self/divine will and the determination to grow into your next octave of being.

Receive support to purify, align, let go, surrender, trust and receive a more illuminated vision of who you are and what we are capable of!! Let our prayers go out for the benefit of all beings! So, lightworkers, take your positions, and meet your mighty allies in this great transformation…

*The dominant energy of the month is a powerful Grand Cardinal Cross that will be peaking in intensity from April 20th – April 23rd and bringing a decisive turning point to revolutionary changes that have been in the works for the last two+ years, and in a larger context since the 60’s.  You can think of this energy like four mighty bulls all squaring off to each other at once.   And to top it off, the Cardinal Cross will be hugged by a Lunar Eclipse in Libra on April 15th and a Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 28th/29th.

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This is a complimentary healing circle to facilitate this process of letting go of the old, aligning, centering, unblocking our energy system and being on all levels, and to call in the new version of you!

Join me Sunday, April 27th at 8-9 am PDT/ 17-18h CET or 11-12 noon PDT /20-21h CET!

To secure your place and receive further instructions, reply to this email asap!

While this is a free gift from spirit, I graciously accept your donation towards what it takes to make this happen:

 to jessica@unfoldingjourney.com

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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