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“Bhavya works with you at a very deep level. In our sessions, healing energy flows into unknown regions of the soul. This light brings healing and nourishment to the spiritual roots of physical suffering and life difficulties. Trapped confusion gives way to fresh clarity and unexpected doors open. Bhavya brings great insight, compassion and empathy to her work.” Fina Carpena (Anthropologist), Dublin, Ireland See more >>

Healing Circle Series “Ur-Trust”


For many of us, our trust in the world is broken. It may manifest in chronic stress and tension patterns and adrenal fatigue that eventually lead to more serious health imbalances and auto-immune diseases.

It may manifest in difficult relationships with our mother figures or Mother Nature writ large, with our ability to receive love and nourishment, feeling supported and/or to move forward in life with confidence.

This healing series is specifically designed to heal our deepest trust issue and release how that has conditioned our “Super System” (emotional, nervous, immune, digestive and hormonal system). We will heal & reunite with early dissociated childhood parts and heal our connection to earth and mother, and in the process clear the trauma to the Divine Feminine through our ancestral line. We will finally be able to relax our backs (& hyper- vigilance), feeling nourished and resourced, trusting in the world and ourselves.

This is Series are 90 min. Remote Healing Sessions

5 Saturdays 10-11.30 am PDT/ 16-17.30h GMT/ 17-18.30h CET:

March 14th

March 21st

March 28th

April 4th

April 11th

Whole Series $130, early bird until 3/11 $120! Single Healing Circle $30

Healing Circle Series “Ur-Trust”

You will receive an email with confirmation and healing circle details upon registration.

Complimentary Remote Healing Circle – Cardinal Grand Cross 4/27


Crystal Grid to ground Cardinal Grand Cross

April is poised to be one of the most profoundly revolutionary months many of us will experience in years!*  From the core of our inner selves, to our core relationships, to global events, and to the body of Gaia herself.  This is the transformational moment many of us have been waiting for, evoking the words of the Hopi, “This is the Hour.”  So, expect the unexpected, expect to let go of the old, and expect (and say yes) to breaking through to the next level of your being!

Life is exceedingly tough for many people right now, if not physically then emotionally or spiritually, or all three! This moment will be bringing many of us to great crises points, squeezing us from all sides, and pushing us through the cosmic birth canal of consciousness to the next level of our being, personally and collectively. These are the times we were born for.

This is an opportunity for new beginnings with a massive purging taking place, shifting blocks, obstacles, suppressions, repressions and ‘issues’ which bind us, to allow a free flow of life energy at an exponential rate. Every life has more than one version available. This week is full of power – raw, creative, cosmic power. It’s upgrade time. We have a window of opportunity to effect significant change in ourselves. The choice is ours, even when it doesn’t feel that way!

Our relationship with others and our relationship with self may be going through some critical reevaluations. Do not rage in the mirror of the other, but use this reflection to reach deeper within and root out the inner demons to return yourself to a place of inner balance.  When you’re feeling angry or spun-out, turn the arrow of mars upwards, redirecting the will to the higher-self/divine will and the determination to grow into your next octave of being.

Receive support to purify, align, let go, surrender, trust and receive a more illuminated vision of who you are and what we are capable of!! Let our prayers go out for the benefit of all beings! So, lightworkers, take your positions, and meet your mighty allies in this great transformation…

*The dominant energy of the month is a powerful Grand Cardinal Cross that will be peaking in intensity from April 20th – April 23rd and bringing a decisive turning point to revolutionary changes that have been in the works for the last two+ years, and in a larger context since the 60’s.  You can think of this energy like four mighty bulls all squaring off to each other at once.   And to top it off, the Cardinal Cross will be hugged by a Lunar Eclipse in Libra on April 15th and a Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 28th/29th.

for more Details on the above read here:

This is a complimentary healing circle to facilitate this process of letting go of the old, aligning, centering, unblocking our energy system and being on all levels, and to call in the new version of you!

Join me Sunday, April 27th at 8-9 am PDT/ 17-18h CET or 11-12 noon PDT /20-21h CET!

To secure your place and receive further instructions, reply to this email asap!

While this is a free gift from spirit, I graciously accept your donation towards what it takes to make this happen:


Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

With love & many blessings,


Remote Healing Series on Codependency

Thursdays (ongoing): 10am or 7pm PDT


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” ~Albert Einstein

The majority of us grew up in dysfunctional family systems and/or worse: survived abusive childhoods. Unfortunately, most of us unconsciously replicate these early patterns of relating and adapting in our relationships today. We experience guilt and shame, low self-esteem, self-sabotage, anxiety, stress and health problems, and feel fundamentally flawed and unworthy, which shows up in every area of our lives. And until we release and heal the trauma from the past, we keep getting what we’re getting. This series addresses underlying key issues to help us reclaim our life and change the nature of our relationships by discovering our own crucial needs and honoring our own truth. It assists us to release, consciously disentangle and make new choices from a place of freedom, self love & self care.
While each week focalizes one or two issues (Future topics TBA), each healing circle will still addresses the whole “Gestalt” (larger pattern):

5/15 Abandonment and Loss
5/22 Lack of Self-Worth
5/29 Hyper Vigilance & Stress
6/5 Guilt and Shame

Thursdays (ongoing)
Option 1: 10 am PDT
Option 2: 7pm PDT

To RSVP please send email to You will receive a registration email with details and meditation instructions before and a feedback email after the healing circle. This is a remote healing circle -no call in, just tune in from the comfort of your own home! :-)

Remote Healing circle $25, $80 for a 4-pack ($20 ea. -to be redeemed at your convenience; in Euro 1x €20, 4x €60)

Healing Circle Codependency

Heilkreis Ko-abhängigkeit

If you have any questions feel free to call 415- 425 6217

Topics for future circles: Addiction/Self-Medication, Anger/Rage, Fear, Control/Manipulation, Self-doubt/Self-Hatred, Challenges with intimacy, Poor Boundaries/Saying No etc.

Please let me know which ones you would like to see next!

Dancing with the Shadow in Relationship 3/25/2014

“Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.” ~C.G. Jung

shadow dance

As the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse moves us swiftly ahead on our path, it also pushes to the surface that which keeps us from stepping powerfully into our fully expressed essence.

And where we are most confronted with those unconscious and denied parts of ourselves is in our relationships. And the closer and more intimate the relationship is, the more we use/help each other to see our shadow self.

Our relationships show us very clearly, where our growth lies. Can we take our projections back? Can we step out and let go of old habituated emotional patterns and behaviors? Can we let go of victim and blame and be response-able? How can I be true to myself and another? Our approach, reactions, and choices are what determines our character, capacity, and future.

This healing circle will release our shadow as it show up in a relationship pattern, interpersonal challenge that is most up for us, and align and repattern us towards the enlightened expression of its underlying need.

This is a small in person gathering in a beautiful private sanctuary in North Oakland. Limited to 12 people. Please RSVP asap to reserve your place and receive details.

We will start with a circle to introduce the topic, followed by a 60 min. healing meditation (very relaxing, just receiving, sitting or lying down) and a sharing circle with tea & cookies!

It is also the possible to participate in the healing circle remotely. Details and meditation instructions will be send to all registered via email.

3/25/2014 19.45 -21.15 pm PST (remote 8-9pm PST)

Alternatively for Europeans: 7-8 pm GMT / 8 – 9 pm Germany/Netherlands

Contribution: $25

To RSVP please send email to You will receive a registration email before and a feedback email after the session.

Payment link here:

Gene or Not Gene: Family Bonds ~Thursdays 12/5 -12/26/13

“If you think you are so enlightened, go and spend a week with your parents.”
~Ram Dass

This series deals with the relationship to each of our parents, on which every other relationship is modeled, and with the history of our ancestors that is passed on to us through the epigenetic layer of the genetic code.**
This release will help you to free yourself from entrenched family dynamics & family patterns that you can’t seem to break free from. You will feel like yourself -maybe for the first time.

The epigenetic layer is sheath of protein around the actual DNA and which reacts to our environment and emotions. It modifies our gene expression. Many of the diseases & conditions that we assume to be genetic defects, are really coming from our epigenetic layer. And we would  be surprised what on the other hand is written onto & passed on through the epigenetics.
Fortunately, we are able to release these conditionings and brings the epigenetics to its best expression with Vortexhealing.
Often we carry the trauma & survival struggle of many generations with us. (The Navajos say, that our actions effect seven generations before & after us.)
Consider, that the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors express the trauma of their grandparents. They often feel persecuted, victimized & excluded. When I released that in a client, he reported that his whole life experience shifted radically afterwards, not least because he was feeling like himself for the first time. And when I released the epigenetics on my father’s side, I f.ex. encountered the  very strong imprint of his childhood asthma & fear of suffocation.
We brought the blueprint for the relationship to our parents into this life at birth. (And it does not matter, if you’re adopted, or get along well with your parents or not.) This blueprint strongly structures which dynamics we experience in other important relationships (z.B. the demanding but unappreciative Boss is overlaid by the hostile & absent mother). When we release those, we are not only able to encounter our parents as people, but also won’t get our buttons pushed so easily in similar situations.
The beauty of Vortexhealing® is, that it will release all that without us having to consciously deal with it. :)

4x Thursday 7-8 pm PST / 10 pm EST (or alternatively 10 am PST / 1 pm EST / 6 pm GMT)*

Thu, 12/5 Ancestors Mother
Thu, 12/12 Ancestors Father
Thu, 12/19 Relationship to Mother
Thu, 12/26 Relationship to Father

Participation in person or remotely, single session or entire series.

Registration via email to
(You will receive a confirmation email with details & a feedback after the session.)

*Check for your local time here!

Financial Contribution $25/€20 per session
$85/€70 discounted price for entire series

Healing Circle Gene or Not Gene


in Euro here:

Heilkreis -Gen oder Nicht Gen


True Wealth – Manifestation Inside Out! 3/20 -4/17/2012

We are rich only through what we give, and poor only through what we refuse.
– Anne Sophie Swetchine

The series “True Wealth” sprang from the desire to surf the waves of change in these intense times with grace & ease. Especially in times of economic crisis it is challenging to empower our visions & dreams and keep in the flow when the tendency is to contract, focus on lack and regress to survival consciousness. We need grounding, nurturing & integration, but just as much the understanding & tools of how we create our own reality beyond material constraints & scarcity consciousness.

Lakshmi is the symbol for abundance pouring forth from overflowing heart consciousness. She reminds us that effortless manifestation and true wealth spring from our hearts and that which we empower with our energy and focus. The Universe responds creatively to the vibration we express through our field. This series brings your consciousness into alignment with the fulfillment of your authentic deepest desires. Are you ready to receive and have more?

This Healing Circle will
• attune you towards effortless manifestation
• lead you towards your purpose & dharma
• create an abundance mindset
• download your wealth blueprint
• increase your ability to receive & have
• empower a specific goal or project of yours
• clear negative beliefs about & blocks to abundance & wealth
• teach you easy manifestation meditation

5 x Tuesdays 3/20 -4/17/2012

a) Tuesday 8 – 9.30 pm PST -in person (remote participation also possible):

@ Ambrosia 2931 Barrett Ave, Richmond, CA
~beautiful house just 15 min. North of Oakland. (We can arrange Bart pick up.)

b) Tuesday 8 pm CET/7 pm GMT (2 pm EST/11 am PST)
~participation at a distance
*check for your local time here:

Whole series or by session.
Love Offering: €90/$110 whole series, €20/$25 per session

For US-Dollars please use this button:

True Wealth

For Euros please us this button:

True Wealth

Healing Circle: Follow the White Rabbit 1/16-2/6/2012

“What you know you can’t explain but you feel it.” ~Morpheus (The Matrix)

2012 is NOT the end of the world. It is just the end of the world as we know it. How to navigate these turbulent times? How do we release & bless that which is departing? And how do we align with & bring in the new?
This is a time in our lives when we must make choices based more on instinct than intellect.  Often, the soul recognizes its choices before the rational mind has time to process the information.
This healing circle is going to help you to do just that: it empowers you to surrender to uncertainty & change, to connect to the truth in your heart, to find your authentic voice, to ground in your embodied existence, and to transform self-doubt & self-criticism into power, purpose & action.

Attention~ this healing circle has 2 different optional dates/times:

a) 4x Monday 7.30 pm PST in Oakland:

Mo 1/16    The truth in your Heart
Mo 1/23    Your authentic Voice
Mo 1/30    Embodied Self
Mo 2/6     Living from Truth

@ Church of Soul, 1550 5th St., Oakland CA 94607 (very close to West Oakland Bart) ~bring your favorite blanket & pillow!

b) 4x Tuesday 7.30 pm CET / 6.30 pm GMT  ~a skype conference at a distance:

Tu 1/17 The truth in your Heart
Tu 1/24   Your authentic Voice
Tu 1/31    Embodied Self
Tu 2/7     Living from Truth

*check for your local time here:

Participation in person or at a distancce, entire series or by session.
Financial Contribution: €70/$85 whole series, €20/$25 per session

Limited capacity, register early to secure your place.
(You will receive a confirmation email with details &a feedback after the session.)

in US Dollars:

Healing Circle: Follow the White Rabbit

in Euros:

Healing Circle: Follow the white Rabbit

Healing Circle “The Alchemy of the Wound” ~8/1-8/29/2011

“Show me your wound.” ~Joseph Beuys

The Alchemy of the Wound is a 5-week series that is dedicated to the alchemical transformation of our core wound that throws us out of oneness & connection. What is the source of our sense of separation from the world?
Our core issue(s) are often connected to deeply buried & suppressed experiences that nonetheless determine our basic stance vis-a-vis the world.

We all have closed doors & created walls around our vulnerable interior. We’ll venture there to recover the part of us that has been violated & dishonored. Just being present to our pain facilitates the healing alchemy. Like Parsival, whose innocent question what ails the sick king heals him.

You choose a core wound in your life and we process & release it roughly following the different phases of the grieving process (as laid out by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and others). Your wound might be around something like abandonment, betrayal, exclusion/rejection, abuse etc. In case you don’t know which one, let the divine choose it for you.

This first session facilitates moving you through the first phase: the initial state of shock that many of us nonetheless are still frozen in after many years.

You can join any time, single sessions are also welcome, -and for best results do the whole series. ;-)
Join any time, also single sessions, -and for best results do the whole series.

5 x Monday 9- 10.30pm (ECT), 8-9.30pm (UK), 3-4.30pm (EST), 12-1.30pm (PST):
8/1 Trauma/Loss/Abandonment
8/8 Denial/Blame/Fear
8/15 Despair/Depression/Hopelessness
8/22 Grief/Sorrow
8/29 Letting Go/Acceptance/Re-orientation

This is a distant healing session.
Upon registration you will receive a confirmation email with details & another email with feedback after the session.
Limited capacity, register early to secure your place.

Financial Contribution: €20/$25 per session.
Register for all 5 sessions by 7/31 for €90/$110
Advance contribution required for remote participation.

US clients, pay here:

Europeans please use paypal button on bottom here


Dr. Anna Jessica Theissen
BLZ: 300 20 900
IBAN: DE04300209002109622254

Information & Registration: Jessica(at)
Tel-DE: +49-30-34712968
Tel-US: +1-510-250 2507

*This is Berlin time 9 pm, which right now is GMT +2, so check for your local time here: -i.e. 8 pm UK, 3 pm EST, 12 pm PST

Vortexhealing® Circle ~The Dark Side of the Moon 6/13- 7/4/2011

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” ~Anton Chekhov

The dark side of the moon is shadow work that deals with our darker emotions, those that we often surpress & hide, but nonetheless often run us from behind the scenes. They rarely get to see the light of day & then often in less socially accepted out-of-control moments. It’s an invitation to be compassionately present with ourselves there, see what desires & fears they point to & harness their immense power.

4 x Monday 8-9.30pm (CET):
Mo, 6/13 Anger/Rage
Mo, 6/20 Self-sabotage/-destruction
Mo, 6/27 Addiction/Obsession
Mo, 7/4 Jealousy/Envy

Participation in person or remotely, whole series or by session.
Limited capacity, register early to secure your place.
(You will receive a confirmation email with details & a feedback after the session.)

Financial Contribution: €70/$85 whole series, €20/$25 per session
Advance contribution required for remote participation.

In Dollars pay here (& fill in correct amount in box):

In Euros pay here (& fill in correct amount in box):

Attention -new address: Akazienst. 28, left entrance, top fl. left, 10829 Berlin Schöneberg.
Information & Registration: Jessica(at)
Tel-DE: +49-30-34712968
Tel-US: +1-510-250 2507

*This is Berlin time 8 pm, which is GMT +1, so check for your local time here: -i.e. 7 pm GMT, 2 pm EST, 11 am PST

Vortexhealing® Circle ~Presence June 8

“Remember: Be Here Now” ~Ram Dass (Bagavan Das)

This healing meditation is meant to bring us more into presence. While being ever more present is not accomplished in one session, this will be the next step in clearing what most keeps you from being present with what is here and how, as well as recode your consciousness so that it facilitates you finding your way back when you fall out of it.

Wednesday, 8 -9.30 pm*
Participation in person or remotely.
Limited capacity, register early to secure your place.
(You will receive a confirmation email with details & a feedback after the session.)

Financial Contribution €20/$25 per session
Advance contribution required for remote participation.

c/o Akazienst. 28, left entrance, top fl. left, 10829 Berlin Schöneberg.
Information & Registration: Jessica(at)
Tel-DE: +49-30-34712968
Tel-US: +1-510-250 2507

*This is Berlin time 8 pm, which is GMT +1, so check for your local time here: