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“When Bhavya returned my call two weeks ago, I could barely leave my bed. My head hurt; my gut fluttered—a look at my “to do” list made me recoil in dread. Throughout 13 difficult years, I sought treatment with scores of physicians, psychiatrists, acupuncturists, talk therapists, nutritionists, allergists, and massage therapists. My bones were manipulated. My blood was analyzed. Above all, I was prescribed medications—at last count well over 40 types. Alone I kept Big Pharma in big business. And I nonetheless deteriorated…and grew despondent. I had a career with Congress and as a journalist for major magazines and newspapers but those opportunities faded as I could only work intermittently. In desperation, I came to San Francisco in search of healing. That’s where I met Bhavya. I don’t know what energy field Bhavya conjured up or how she directed it my way, but within days I was in complete remission. I stopped hurting. My stuff started getting done. I completed my “to do” list, and the next one, and the one after that. I’ve been unremittingly symptomatic since 1995. Now I am living a full life again. I owe it all to Bhavya’s healing powers.”
– Jeff (Writer & Journalist), Washington, DC

“I find Bhavya’s healings to be extraordinarily profound. She helps relieve human pain with such utter determination, compassion, love and dedication. Her high voltage communications from Spirit deliver immense amounts of light filled relief to those suffering from both physical and emotional imbalances. I have been recommending her to family, friends and clients, and all have benefitted greatly. The effects of her awesome multi-dimensional healings have proved to be nothing short of the miraculous! I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
-Maddalena Heart (Psychic & Reiki healer), Scansano, Italy

“Bhavya works with you at a very deep level. In our sessions, healing energy flows into unknown regions of the soul. This light brings healing and nourishment to the spiritual roots of physical suffering and life difficulties. Trapped confusion gives way to fresh clarity and unexpected doors open. Bhavya brings great insight, compassion and empathy to her work.”
-Fina Carpena (Anthropologist), Dublin, Ireland

“As for me, I must say that I have been doing very well! I was actually just telling a good friend today how great I’ve felt lately and I do believe it is attributed to my healing session with you last week! It’s so weird tho because when I try to explain or put into words how I feel better it’s so hard to, you know? The only way I could describe it to her was to say that I felt more at peace with things…confident that things will work out for me (overall in life)…not worrying so much about everything… just more carefree than before. As for my relationship, I’m finding that I’m not worrying about that as much either and actually feel less ‘addicted’ to forcing things to move forward at all, move faster, etc. So again, I’d like to thank you and am very much looking forward to our next session….if I can feel this much of a difference after just one session, I am confident that I will be in an even better place after our next!”
– Jennifer Karim (Accountant/Make-up Artist), Michigan

“I have seen huge changes in my life for the better- due to the healing sessions I have had with Bhavya. Bhavya has worked with me on….. my emotional patterning – on releasing co-dependancy – on strengthening my emotional structure – on physical problems with my back from an accident – on clearing karmic knots from past life experiences – on my chakras – and a lot more I feel Bhavya has helped me immensely to grow and to become a stronger person in many ways, giving me the ability to move forward with my life and become more secure in who I am as a person- both in my spiritual life and in my mundane life. This work is so amazing and I recommend it to anyone who suffers physical or emotional stress or issues. I would also love to add that she is an awesome woman- her personality is so uplifting and she is a very kind and compassionate person, always taking such great care of her clients.”
– Kathy B. (Hair Stylist), New Jersey

“I came across her website and became curious about Vortexhealing. Bhavya and I have been working on various things about me. For an instance, I work out my shoulder routinely and my shoulder has been developing tension and pain. So, I had to stop working out for a week and asked Bhavya to help with this. A couple of days after I received a healing session, I no longer noticed pain and tension in my shoulder and was able to go back to my workout routine. Other thing we worked on was beyond my physical well being. It’s hard to explain or describe but I think the sessions helped me to shift myself to a better place in me. It’s subtle but deep shift. I believe the sessions are real as I feel shift in energy when she is performing the sessions. Bhavya is very nice person to talk to and I hope to continue working with Bhavya. “
– J. Park (Accountant), Vancouver, Canada