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What people say:

“Bhavya works with you at a very deep level. In our sessions, healing energy flows into unknown regions of the soul. This light brings healing and nourishment to the spiritual roots of physical suffering and life difficulties. Trapped confusion gives way to fresh clarity and unexpected doors open. Bhavya brings great insight, compassion and empathy to her work.” Fina Carpena (Anthropologist), Dublin, Ireland See more >>

Your Unfolding!

Are you Struggling with Overwhelm?

I am Dr. Bhavya Theissen and if you are looking to restore your life-work balance I can help you.

You are likely struggling with never ending work, trying to do it all alone and not feeling good enough.

And what you really want is inner peace and resilience no matter what!  As well as radiant health, and quality time with your family and to make a difference in the world with your work.

If this describes your struggles, let’s talk!

Schedule your Complimentary 60 min. Overwhelm Breakthrough Session (a $297 Value): 
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John of God Tour

Join me on a Healing Journey of a Lifetime

I also lead tours to Brazil to meet the famous healer, John of God.  If you need a time out and to press the reset button on your Life, on this tour you will experience a deep realignment with your life’s purpose.

I highly recommend:
a Spiritual Retreat  with John of God in Brazil
Upcoming Journey December 27, 2015 -January 10, 2016.

Explore, how a Spiritual Retreat with John of God might help you to transform what ails you and move towards your own authentic radiance!
Schedule Your Complimentary 60 min. Healing Journey Discovery Session ($297 value):
book now orange 167x58 Your Unfolding!