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What people say:

“Bhavya works with you at a very deep level. In our sessions, healing energy flows into unknown regions of the soul. This light brings healing and nourishment to the spiritual roots of physical suffering and life difficulties. Trapped confusion gives way to fresh clarity and unexpected doors open. Bhavya brings great insight, compassion and empathy to her work.” Fina Carpena (Anthropologist), Dublin, Ireland See more >>


Healing is a journey in which we return to our Truth. Healing means creating Freedom from that which hurts or stresses us. This freedom gives us an inner peacefulness, a clear mind and a natural life-force energy that is both creative and abundant.

This is not a mental process, but an experiential, inner journey that is as old as time. Realizing our true nature liberates us from the endless search that something outside of ourselves will fulfill our needs.

We can use this freedom as a substantial basis for living, because it is true, deep freedom that creates space for true Love, Abundance, Joy and Grace, making us happier and healthier human beings.

For this journey, I offer my support and unconditional Love. I offer private sessions tailored to your individual needs, and healing journeys to John of God in Brazil.

Over the years, Bhavya has studied several healing modalities, including Esalen massage®, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, NLP, Reiki, Matrix Energetics® and VortexHealing® Divine Energy Therapy. The entities of the casa de Dom Inácio frequently work through her, which allows Bhavya to to maximize all of these healing modalities to the fullest advantage for her clients.